Expert DOs to help with hair loss

We all know that in winter the hair tends to fall in greater quantities than in spring or summer. If on the other hand, your hair has started to become really thin then it is necessary to do something to stop this. Mr Ravi Bhanot, the author of Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow, talks about how you can prevent hair loss at home and how you can help your hair to regenerate.

  1. During hair washing, massage your scalp with circular movements, starting from the neck to the top of the head. This will activate blood circulation and the skin will become more receptive to the products you use.
  2. Important: choose a suitable shampoo for your hair. Find out what type of hair you have and choose accordingly. Go with natural, preservatives/ SLS free products
  3. Use warm water for washing your hair, not hot, and be sure to rinse hair well, to eliminate all traces of shampoo.
  4. Do not rub your hair with a towel in an attempt to dry it, it is aggressive and you can break the hair. Just pat it gently.
  5. If possible, leave your hair to dry outdoors. Using hair dryers, especially set to hot air, will make the hair brittle.
  6. Brush your hair gently, each morning and evening. Combing it with strong moves will not be in your favour.
  7. In winter, do not use curling tongs or other styling devices as they assault the hair.
  8. Drop your use of braiding or your love for really tight ponytails until your hair regenerates and stops falling
  9. Dyeing and bleaching are not recommended especially in cold weather so take a break for a few months.
  10. Reduce the number of products used for styling – mousse, hairspray, wax etc. Allow your scalp to breathe and regenerate.
  11. Eat balanced to give your hair the nutrients it needs: amino acids found in red meat, vitamin B from brewer’s yeast, vitamin E obtained from grape seed oil, iron, magnesium and calcium, which are abundant in grains, fish and green vegetables.
  12. Treat your hair and scalp with traditional remedies, so-called “old wives recipes”: make a mask of a yolk and a teaspoon of honey or olive oil, try the castor oil mask mixed with vitamin A and vitamin E, massage your scalp and hair with essential oil, jojoba, almond or avocado (leave to act 30 minutes), dabbing your scalp with hot pepper tincture, nettle or garlic (stimulates circulation).
  13. When it’s cold, wear a hat or hood, because extreme temperatures and harsh winds are assaulting your hair.
  14. Avoid stress because it is one of the main causes of hair loss.
  15. Lastly, if you see that you cannot stop hair loss schedule an appointment to at GP. Do the analysis and, based on the interpretation of results, start appropriate treatment.

by Ravi Bhanot